he Hartman Firm specializes in Internal Investigations, Forensic Accounting, and Fraud Mitigation Consulting.  The Firm can be engaged by an individual, business, or outside counsel.

An Internal Investigation can require collection of information, analysis of legal, financial or factual issues, communication of the results, expert witness services, and remedial implementation.  Not every engagement requires a comprehensive solution, but the Firm will tailor a solution for your needs.  At the early stages of discovering an adverse event, such as fraud, a timely response is often essential for a positive outcome.  When an issue requires a comprehensive solution, the Firm will partner with other experts especially in the areas of digital forensics, document examiners, polygraphers, and other forensic CPAs.

The Forensic CPA Advisory Practice specializes in fraud, business and marital dissolution, damage calculations, and litigation support.  When badges of fraud become apparent to an enterprise or regulatory and criminal authorities, significant civil and criminal implications arise.  The Firm works with those involved including legal counsel to provide, investigative services, litigation support and expert witnessing.

For those clients who want to address fraud risk issues before an adverse event occurs, the Firm works with clients to implement a robust fraud deterrence program.  The Firm’s Principal developed this program after 25 years with the FBI, best practices from the private sector, and experts in academia.  The program incorporates the hard controls derived from internal auditing best practices with the soft controls designed to create a fraud resistant culture.  These principles are integrated into each stage of the fraud life cycle:  (1) Prevention, (2) Detection, (3) Investigation, (4) Mitigation, and (5) Remediation.  The Firm initiates this program with a fraud risk assessment and study of the client’s business. The program is then carefully integrated into an enterprise to provide a robust fraud prevention strategy.  The fraud life cycle approach is implemented with the latest industry policies and procedures along with integrated training.

Clients visiting the firm are usually seeking a Fraud Attorney, Fraud CPA, or Fraud Investigator in Atlanta, Georgia. They are seeking a professional knowledgeable about the legal, accounting and/or investigative aspects of a fraud or corruption related issue. The principal of the Firm was an FBI Special Agent for 25 years.