Practice Areas

Internal Investigations

Create a team of professionals to resolve the issue

Interview & Interrogation

Collect tangible evidence

Electronic Data Imaging

Investigative Analysis

Presentation of findings

Coordination with Regulatory and Law Enforcement Agencies as appropriate

Coordination with litigation counsel

Recover losses

Establish effective remedial programs



Securities Fraud

Investment and Ponzi Schemes

Accounting Frauds

Insurance Fraud

Corruption & Bribery


Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Financial Statement Fraud

Management Fraud

Financial Institution Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Money Laundering

Asset Tracing

Conflicts of Interest

False Claims Act (Qui Tam)


Business & Marital Dissolution

Business Disputes

Asset Identification

Obtain Valuation Expert

Critique Asset and Valuation Reports

Asset Reconstruction


Expert Witness



Preparation of Expert Report


Litigation Support

Assist Litigation Counsel with Discovery

Interview Key Witnesses

Analysis and Interpretation of Records

Reconstruction of Financial Records

Develop Questions for Depositions



Ethics Program and Training

Proactive Compliance Programs

Risk Assessment

Hotline Response

Internal Control Study